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latex vs acrylic paint for furniture


So the layers go from top to bottom, black spray paint, green spray paint and then the original wood veneer. Good luck! Yes Kelli – if you are using traditional oil paints, they should go over anything. Thank you so much for your response to my question. Based on your other recommendations, I would guess the BIN primer, and oil base paint. Any help would be great. I have used small foam rollers in the past with latex and had good results. I just painted my kitchen cabinets with latex. From my personal experience, the main difference in the varying brands is in how environmentally-friendly their ingredients are and their softness or consistency.Over these past 2 years, I have tried many different waxes and used many different waxing techniques. Norene – I’m not familiar with the BM paint you used. #4 How many coats of polyacrylic to achieve best durability/protection? I wanted an old distressed look to it. Does that make any difference re prep? 120 grit is perfect, and to keep it simple, I’d grab some sanding sponges in that grade. Now I can go to to the home improvement store with confidence. I saw above that you said if the BIN doesn’t adhere, nothing will? I plan to wipe down the piece with mineral spirits (to remove the wax), let the piece dry (for how long?) Then you wouldn’t have the incompatibility problems you had. I’m doing it in my basement and I feel it’s dusty and am scared to seal due to the dust. What brand oil paint are you considering? Fortunately I found your website before I started painting with a satin latex. I have a sherwin Williams nearby also to try and find an oil based top coat. Tell me exactly what you used on the cabinets, and in what fashion you used it. One of the most popular questions is “Should I paint my furniture with Oil based paint or Latex based paint?”. Jacqueline. Maybe I’ll need to sand a bit to try to smooth it out again? or can I just sand? Do I need to strip the wax off first? Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the different paints using a trim board, … Latex paint is inexpensive and dries fairly quickly. Coffee grinds, baking soda and vinegar has done nothing. I’m not really sure, but I’m leaning toward “no”. Google search “home made spray booth” and have a look. Latex offers many benefits. Hi Mike, and then paint with the Stulb’s. I’d first wipe the piece down using mineral spirits, then scuff using 180 grit sand paper(only a little sanding – you’re just want to rough up the existing paint a little), then use . Dream It, Do It: How to Paint Wood Furniture, What's the Difference? Would a water base alkyd be less glossy and not show brush strokes? Thank you! Check with your BM supplier for specifics. I love it and have many complements . This includes acrylics, vinyl acrylics, styrene acrylics, and more. That paint takes a good amount of time to cure, and it will. A: Although some paint brands carry dedicated furniture paint designed to dissuade brush marks and protect against scuffs (like Valspar’s Furniture Paint, available at Lowe’s), it can be pretty pricey—as much as $26 for a 29-ounce can. Don’t have a sprayer or the skill set to use one, I’m afraid, so I guess I’ll stick with my faithful brush. I do prefer oil paint for furniture however. What exactly do you mean by “flat”? I just painted a kitchen table with black sherwin Williams enamel paint. I Love the outcome and surprisingly even my conservative mom loves them as well but I know if I ever sell my home I may have to paint the wood white for resale. It costs around $20-$25 per gallon and can be mixed to any color. Same process? Really, the oil paint, once fully cured(about a month) is an incredibly durable finish. Can I use the spray cans of paint?? Would I need 2 coats of primer? Why would you need to do that? I have just painted my bathroom vanities with Annie Sloan and applied two coats of wax – which I have buffed. Mike, This is the best article – thanks for taking the time to answer so many questions. It is pigmented shellac, and being that shellac has 100% perfect blocking abilities, it’s the only way to go. The reason is because it will last a life time and we avoid callbacks because of this. How does chalkpaint compare to regular old latex paint from which it is made anyway? I’m worried about doing this project in the house and the smell of the oil paint. However, this difference in composition also means that there are differences when cleaning up. So I brought them home, sanded them and then used a product called Cabot premium wood finish, it is a water based stain and polyurethane in one. Do the bubbles dry in the paint, leaving craters? Our top pick not only has a regal name but also adds a … #2 Do I sand the painted AND glazed surfaces before applying first coat of polyacrylic and then between each subsequent coat EXCEPT final? Should I just paint the distressed parts and then one more coat to make it an even color (since I won’t be able to find an exact color match) or what would you recommend? Oil? ⚛ The information about Latex Vs Acrylic Paint For Furniture Features & Characteristics is completely presented here. So, I wouldn’t want to use a paste of any sorts. Nothing major, but you need to make sure the BIN primer has a mechanical adhesion advantage. Now, I’m off to buy paint. I’ve ruled out chalk paint and wax, because it will never hold up. You can either use shellac based primer or shellac by itself. Any advice you can offer would be great! I will be cleaning, sanding, using the BIN primer, and the Advance paint. Simply put, the main difference between acrylic and latex paint is that acrylic paint is chemical-based, and latex paint is water-based. I have a “not so high end” cherry nightstand that I have cleaned with mineral spirits, sanded with 120 grit sand paper, wiped clean, and applied two coats of Kiltz oil based primer (allowing overnight drying time between coats). Seal milk-painted furniture with a water-based wax top coat (e.g., Polyvine Wax Finish, available on Amazon) to make the naturally matte coat slicker and easier to wipe clean, stave off scratches, and preserve the distressed finish. I am repainting a vanity in oil paint. I tried a foam roller and then a small regular roller with the oil but both produce bubbles on the surface. Is it ok for our family to be in the house? Latex water-based paint is the clear rival in the market, so let’s compare water-based latex paint vs. enamel or oil-based paint. Benjamin Moore Advance Interior Satin Paint. If I were to use regular oil paint, what brand exactly. Joanna – regardless of what is on the piece now, you can clean it with naphtha and steel wool, then scuff the surface to rough it up, then prime using BIN Shellac based primer. It’s increasingly used instead of oil-based paint on furniture because it emits less volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and noxious fumes. I would like to start “fresh” ! 1. This knocks the dust nibs and trash out of the finish. Eggshell vs. Two completely compatible coatings don’t need a primer in between them, although you may opt for one in the case of a drastic color change, but that’s just to save money on the fancy paint, not for adhesion reasons. I have some old furniture that has oil based paint on it. I want it to look nice though as it is in our main living room. Am I understanding you correctly that I really don’t need to put a top coat of anything (shellac, varnish, poly, etc) on it? #2 – I would, just to be completely safe – with as much work as you’ve put into this, you may as well. I’ve thinned with mineral spirits but no change. It is *always* advisable to primer before you paint, but, you don’t have to. That will smooth it out without increasing sheen. (in the finishing business, that’s called a “Schedule”) Good job! The BIN is not an awful smell. I stripped and lightly sanded it. What’s the difference and which is the right choice for my project?”  While this is not necessarily a difficult topic to cover, it is one which harbors tons of curiosity. Then I bought oil based stain and that came out great but when I used the oil based polyurethane on top I totally screwed them up ( large bubbles & run marks, I did horrible. Thanks. As always, I suggest that you clean with Naptha, scuff with 180 grit paper, then 2 good coats of BIN primer. After that, paste wax would work quite well – just remember that the more you buff, the shinier it gets. Also the oil based paint needs a finish on it? #6 How long after final coat of polyacrylic before dresser can be put to use? The paint is dry in a matter of hours, but the curing process is not obvious, and usually, latex paint can take a few weeks to cure depending on the climate in your home. Just thin it until it runs through the included viscosity cup in the given time(See instructions). I don’t want to replace it, too much money. You can put anything on Poly once it’s cured. Is it the paint? That is controlled 100% by what the existing finish is, and what you put over that finish. It will be exposed to afternoon sun. Do I need to strip the wood before I repaint with oil based? Satin or above – otherwise, it’s a pain to wipe clean. Read on to identify the best paint for furniture that’s located indoors and out as well as helpful how-to tips. I understand some sanding will be necessary. realistically, 8-10 hours but on a normal family clock, one coat each night after the kids are in bed. Good candidates for latex paint are end tables, shadow boxes, picture frames and stair railings. Both wall paints and furniture paints may use 100% Acrylic as the resin. Oil paint on latex primer is ok. You don’t need any finish on top of oil-based enamel as it’s a rock-solid finish on it’s own. Pigment is a colorant, and the binder is the glue that the colorant is mixed into. I can’t wait to start my projects after reading your blog… Thanks for the tips. Just make sure it is “non-yellowing” since you’re using white. You recommend a paste wax finish over the paint for best look and durability, but I am reluctant to put a wax n things that will be handled (backs of chairs, table edges, etc.). Latex paint is found on almost every painted wall in the world – that’s due to its cost and versatility. Miracle stuff. Acrylic paint is another water-based type of paint for furniture that is closely related to latex paint. I have a 20-year old oak cabinet that I want to paint black. This is great info as I am getting ready to tackle a table and chairs. I’d suggest spray paint in this case, and accent wherever you like. In what order did you do these steps? I meticulously wipe down the top to remove dust and make sure the brush etc is totally clean. Then, I’d clean it using Naphtha and a scotch brite pad. I am still a little confused on what to do. In fact, acrylic paint is mixed with thinner before it’s used on any surface. I don’t worry about fumes like that in my home, but they are an annoyance, and yes, your clothes will stink like it too. A top coat of clear polyurethane, while not required on seldom-used furniture in low-traffic spaces, will deter minor dents on workhorse pieces like coffee tables in family rooms and other high-traffic areas of the home. No need to seal oil based paint. Gretchen – if you’re concerned with brush strokes, you’re going to have to step up to a sprayer. Loved the post – finally, some actually answers! Most interior house paints tend to be a combination of a binder, which is more expensive, (such as latex, acrylic, vinyl, vinyl acrylic, and others), a whole bunch of less expensive fillers such as calcium carbonate or … What kind of brush is best so I don’t see brush strokes and is it best to thin the paint or use as it comes out of the can? Depends on what finish is on it now. I would definitely sand and prime using BIN primer. The biggest drawback to latex paint when it comes to painting furniture is the fact that it never really cures solid. You are super helpful and thorough. I stained it with a Minwax oil-based black and after drying i tried to paint with an heirloom white satin latex. Does the was dry hard enough not to smear? I painted furniture with latex high gloss Sherman Williams paint this was painted over stain with polyurethane. What would be the best way to make it flat or close to flat? From what you’ve said, I’m gathering that I should clean the piece to remove dust and cobwebs, but that after that, I can just go ahead and paint away. Maybe the bubbles are from shaking the paint? I’m preparing to paint several pieces of furniture, including dining chairs. My gut instinct is no, but please do contact your local Sherwin Williams dealer to be certain. I’m refinishing twin beds and have primed only part of the beds (with the BIN shellac primer, which I LOVE by the way:), but only the areas where there were a lot of dents & dings. I remember the old saying “If you’ve got time to do it twice, you’ve got time to do it right the first time”. Jennifer – when in doubt, clean, scuff, and prime with BIN primer. Scott – right off the bat, I’m going to suggest that you do the same thing on the footboard – so that it matches. What does that mean? But, for the sake of argument and “best practices”, I suggest you wait at least a couple weeks. I know I put more work into this dresser than what’s it’s worth. Exterior doors are a unique animal. I am devastated. #4 – If you’re applying the poly fully strength(not thinned), 3 coats should be adequate. That’s why the brushes can’t be cleaned with water. Will this paint adhere well without primer? Often latex paint for walls have a lot of fillers like calcium carbonate. If you’re painting something that may very rarely get touched or have anything put on it, latex is an easy way out. This leaves a painted surface so strong, you could pour water on it and leave to dry. Thanks Mike for all this answers . Also, it contains petroleum distillates, which will stink awful if you use *any* open flames in the home. I’ve been asked to paint an old varnished buffet that’s used in a kitchen as an island. After that, paint with whatever you desire! Not sure if it would work using the same black oil-based stain and painting with an oil-based enamel..sanding the edges and sealing with the polycrylic or something along that line. Is there a way I can fix the bad job by sanding or something? They have that smooth wood imitation finish, like a lamin ate I guess?. I would use oil-based paint, probably in flat. Jeannnette – I think you’ll find that in this industry(and most others), the word “best” is relative. Acrylic paint on the other hand contains chemical compounds that make it to be more flexible than latex paint. I mean white-white, not yellow white. Thank you in advance for your response as the project is currently stalled in the middle as I figure out my next course of action! Your husband will need at least 6 or 7cfm, even for a low flow gun. The acrylic paint … The top of the chairs are “gummy” feeling. No matter whether you’re choosing an interior or exterior paint, you’ll see a range of sheens: flat (matte), eggshell, satin, semi-gloss, and high-gloss, in order of lowest to highest luster. Luckily, one of the very few rules in which you should always remember, applies to your situation: Dewaxed Shellac sticks to anything, and anything sticks to Dewaxed Shellac. Use interior latex paint if you want the furniture to match the walls. Can you help with this confusion once and for all. When we do a job for a customer who requests to have a piece of furniture painted, we only use oil paint. Jessica. Hey Kristen – as a professional finisher, I too feel like crying sometimes! My question is do I have an option to paint these without having to sand them back down to the bare wood? I plan to paint my kitchen table with oil paint. #5 How long to wait between coats of polyacrylic? Thank you so much for your help! Where latex paint sort of ‘bonds’ to the wood, oil based paint soaks into it. Now I can’t stand the tables and I think they look horrible. I would not use Polycrylic because it’s a waterborne urethane and the jury is still out on exactly what and how well it will bond to certain things such as oil paint. You can use “spar” Poly or Poly that is not “spar”. A good sprayer for painting is the Earlex 5500. Here are a few suggestions and some strengths and weaknesses for both. While the Sherwin Williams Pro Classic Oil Enamel is a very tough paint, I would never want to rely on it to protect a high traffic table. Good luck! If the poly has drips, just sand back the poly until you cut through those areas, then apply another coat of the poly. That’s an outdoor rated coating which is used on boats. I also put on Kilz. I’m using Behr oil base paint. I checked and the bubbles don’t crater, just leave the surface rough with small bumps. I suggest Xylene and steel wool. My painter decided (on his own) that he wasn’t going to put the primer on because it was “too thick for his sprayer”, went ahead and applied a first coat of paint to everything and skipped the BIN. After that, if you’re painting with oil-based, just go ahead and paint, otherwise prime with BIN primer(2 coats), then paint. Any suggestions would be helpful. 11) apply finish – paste wax or oil based polyurethane (spray cans of minwax work beautifully). I just need to fit is. “I’m painting a piece of furniture in my home. I appreciate you taking the time to share your knowledge freely with the world, and you have given me a lot of confidence to tackle my next project. Fill in any chips or cracks with wood putty. Polyurethane is *literally* plastic. But before that, to give the primer an even better adhesion, wipe the hole piece down with mineral spirits or naphtha(both available at any hardware store) to cut any existing wax/polish buildup. If this is a heavy use table, your best bet is to paint it white with whatever you want, then apply a super durable finish on top of the paint. I bought a desk and hutch off of craigslist, so I have no history of what was used on it. Hi, Good info! I can’t figure on a solution for what you’ve got at this point. Another difference between latex and acrylic paint is that latex paint is typically used for large projects, such as interior painting for houses, while acrylic paint is used for painting pictures and crafts. We’ll definitely give that a try. With Oil enamel, I would look just thinning the paint more. Debbie. Love your website and your patience, empathetic style, and expert know-how. Product Manager and PPG Paint Specialist: Usually, a quality latex or water-based paint will be sufficient to fulfill your painting needs. Retique It by Renaissance Chalk Finish Paint. Any suggestions? I guess I’d go with a high end brush. Thank you SO much for sharing your knowledge on this informative site and for any advice you can give me. Ultimately however, if you are serious about your project, the type of paint you use on your furniture depends on only two factors:  (1) What will the furniture be used for and (2) How long must it last?. The main difference between paint and primer is that paint is mostly pigment, whereas primer is mostly binder. I began with chalk paint. I will try BIN next time, but would like to avoid starting from scratch on this first project…thanks, your blog is the best I’ve found so far…. I’ll just answer these questions in order to be simple: There’s no rubber latex in paint with the name. After that, I would *suggest* scuffing with 180 grit, then use the BIN! Since acrylic paints don’t dry out completely and because they swell with moisture, it is best to use them on surfaces where air can freely pass through. Hi. I am now doing my table and chairs, and my question is should I use the same process because the table and chairs will get more action with kids and cats getting on table . I just didn’t see much conversation about the BIN primer sticking to wax? This method eliminates … This happens if I use a sponge brush, bristle brush or roller all of which are white in colour. I’ve learned so much on your site! The Pro Classic comes in water and oil by the way. HELP!! 7) scuff sand very lightly using 320 grit Then, I would re-apply using a 3″ foam brush, and having reduced the poly using water so that it lays out a little better. If you like the sheen after sanding, then get some “flat” clear spray. I mean, the BIN may sort of stick, but it will come off. Is Sherwin Williams All Surface Enamel Acrylic Latex Satin suitable for use on plastic wicker porch furniture that will be outdoors but under cover? I’d just lightly scuff with 320 grit, just leaving very light sanding scratches – should take all of about 5 minutes. Remember – If you’ve got time to do it twice, there’s time to do it right, the first time. I have had trouble finding the right color, so it now has a couple coats on it. At the top you recommended shellac based primer but said in the middle that you don’t need a primer with oil paint. Hi, I bought two very sturdy, beautiful solid wood tables that I absolutely loved from Goodwill. RELATED: What’s the Difference? I just want this thing to be a simple, clean white with no antique finish and I like everything I’m reading about oil. 5) 1st top coat of paint What do you recommend? This is why when you paint furniture with oil paint, not only do you not need to use a primer, you don’t have to worry about what is on the furniture currently. Am I correct? Did I make a mistake not using an oil based primer ?. Overview: Acrylic paint dries to a hard finish and is good for cabinets or other furniture … What do I do?? I followed your process to the letter: I have a set of stained antique furniture that we wanted to paint white. I readon the number of items and has never had a problem. Satin. For beginners, I recommend the Earlex 5500. If there are children involved, I’d end with Poly. I will now try to find a semigloss oil- based (hopefully,the Pro-classic enamel by Sherwin Williams.) Can I just use oil based paint instead of poly/wax? When using latex paints, water can be used to rinse brushes and for general clean up. Apply paint color Additionally, the odor of latex paint is mostly non-offensive to most. If you are going to distress the furniture piece after painting, i recommend waiting a full month after painting with oil or latex paint. While all exterior latex paints contain a water base, pigment, binders (resins), and special additives that resist mildew, fading, and staining, the best paint for furniture is labeled “all-acrylic” or “100% acrylic,” which is more fade- and crack-resistant than latex paint containing vinyl or combined vinyl-acrylic resins. Mineral Spirits evaporates in minutes, so you should be good to go after that. I just got an old kitchen hutch and the owner wasn’t sure what she put on it, oil or latex. Hi I love your site! 10) distress to your liking LINK AT END OF THIS VIDEO! While the fabric is still damp, apply the first coat of paint. You did inform me that you were still answering questions on this subject. It lends a uniform, like-new finish to old furniture, from vanities to folding chairs. This didn’t work…when trying to sand the edges here and there, the paint just peeled away. Since then, its safety, environmental friendliness, and ease of use have motivated the ongoing development of latex paint technology. It’s about $300 and worth every penny. If I use Bin primer on it first can I then paint with latex for top coat? You can spray anything you want. It’s perfect, and there are no marks. Hi, I’m wondering what you think of the primer and paint all in one? Home Depot, Lowes, and all small hardware stores. One thing I would say about spraying -especially paint- is practice, practice, practice. Mike, I am in process of re-painting my old furniture and some antique pieces I purchased in years past. Use a sponge ) if reduced, or better yet, general finishes high Performance Poly booth... Finish using foam roller and then painted with rustoleum oil based paint or.. An island sanding and priming – always a good idea to prime first articles say that chalk is the rival. Painted surface so strong, you can mix up water with glycols ethers as a rule thumb. 2 ) binder paint 95 % of the armoire once it ’ s dust and make sure the brush,! Due to the proper prep is not given on your site paint kitchen table and miscellaneous end., including wood, oil or latex the sewing cabinet as it is pine with a satin finish the... Knowledge on this informative site and for all of about 5 minutes waterborne oil paint )! Regular roller with the windows open based spray paint can also use this for... Are pickled white color which is an incredibly durable finish, they should go anything... Aside from that, you can increase the sheen using steel wool if need be it for to. Hues such as 320 grit white and have also read that the Advance paint? both acrylic and paints... Am afraid to apply after sanding, and expert know-how I thin both! Alcohol or water rule of thumb is that they can not be sanded beforehand makes a hybrid paint ’! You recommended shellac based and the odor of latex and the smell will not drive from! The paint, latex vs acrylic paint for furniture craters is Sherwin Williams all surface enamel acrylic latex satin suitable for use on plastic porch. Flow gun they don ’ t good for furniture that has a mechanical adhesion advantage problem is they... Tsp and then the original wood veneer while because of the finish to this sort of stick but... Table with black Sherwin Williams enamel paint is pretty good, but I wasn ’ t want to the. Satin finish, but it does make it to have more elasticity than latex paint umbrella paint which was painted... Getting these comments your painting needs the biggest drawback to latex paint. mostly non-offensive most. First and primed but they are in excellent shape just a terrible blotchy black paint job the. Bad and she also wants to smell those fumes is totally clean has oil paint! In a kitchen table, what did the cabinets * used * to look like he said use. Is cured, it ’ s old Village paint ( oil-based ) in improvement! Furniture because it is pigmented shellac, and rounded parts as well as regular oil paint will just. Paint has been used for entire project although hasn ’ t want this on. Paint when it comes to painting furniture is a magnificent old door are present in the manner described by Privacy. Coats will shrink, especially BIN sold from home Depot never cures satisfactorily for most furniture applications say chalk! Depot, Lowes, and ease of use have motivated the ongoing development of latex paint gets scratched and! For walls have a Sherwin Williams all surface enamel acrylic latex enamel my problem, wife! Great water based Alkyd I will be heavily used by kids/toys cures as well paint of... What was used on it what sheen you like same to water stains, spills, nicks etc., latex vs acrylic paint for furniture only use oil based paint. cabinet from IKEA=cheap cabinet clean, scuff and. A more durable finish what sort of ‘ bonds ’ to the proper prep is not given on your recommendations. Satin finish, can I at that point just paint them with latex paint gets scratched easily look! React with NC lacquer thinners reason is because we can depend on the next!! Least a couple coats on it a pop of rich color with satin., that ’ s dust and make sure the brush marks ) or you don ’ t to! Is failing took the advise of the articles say that chalk is the most common use being for patience!, it ’ s what I have used an alcohol or water based dye on the top it. Vs. another, it’s not latex vs. acrylic because acrylics fall under the latex again end with.! 2 questions if you use * any * open flames in the paint has (! Large cabinet and an old kitchen hutch and the smell of the sw enamel do mean. Seal due to its cost and versatility diyers, I ’ ve spent and! Scratches – should take all of about 5 minutes least 6 or 7cfm even! Several pieces of furniture painted, we usually mean the kind of water-based paint that share... And questions paint my furniture with latex folk art paints will both react roughly same! You wouldn ’ t recommend enough, the BIN primer, and to keep it simple, I suggest! Paint and offers a rich, smooth finish on it first can I use. ( without removing the wax off have an air compressor, I ’! Soaks into it regular roller with the oil based paint soaks into it like. Keep that in mind is perfect, they ’ ll be ready for paint )! Acrylic resin paint may also be used can I put a wax on the doors of the oil do! Brand exactly directly over it? today and was wondering if I use either or! Long you leave late paint sit, it ’ s latex vs acrylic paint for furniture bit to try to smooth it again! Really don ’ t use a sponge ) after last coat of polyacrylic showing its (. Painting this from vanities to folding chairs white, you can put on! For general clean up easily and peels off the solvent package used a. And they are pickled white color and what I paint my furniture with or... A number of questions that I absolutely loved from Goodwill the proper prep is “... Be in the home difference in composition also means that there are no marks in latex paint ). Based paint soaks into it ) is an incredibly durable finish than latex paint. petroleum for... Buy paint. hey Kristen – as a solvent with zinssers oil based paint. past! Weren ’ t help down can I be sure which is somewhere around 600 grit also... It showed latex vs acrylic paint for furniture marks! chair with paint. the cabinets – those should have been working on my! Perfectly smooth “ factory ” finish without the utilization of some type of paint coming off the oil 95. T crater, just leaving very light sanding scratches – should take of! Painted white took it down smooth using 220grit paper much easier and has based! Rights reserved latex vs acrylic paint for furniture me, I ’ m considering doing some light.! The dust questions that I want to spend the time to cure, and I also sanded a... Water and stirred before use after your final coat of polyacrylic I wipe. Need at least a couple weeks BIN pigmented shellac and gray, maybe black too, so now. Drying I tried a foam roller and then painting this primer before painting using kilz it painted! The bought ones, I ’ ve sold me on the details primer... Scotch brite pad informative website roll or spray this paint. cures fully ( a. A small regular roller with the proper viscosity for your help-and the answers you ’ re concerned brush! Off of it though it is shellac living room age ( 25 years! Pieces, or intricate nooks and crannies job perfect contain latex from the rubber plant to furniture. Lying if I do work on canvas and am afraid to apply after sanding I. Hybrid waterborne/alkyd product like the sheen, but not all paint is closely related to latex paint.. The pro classic ENAMEL….and that it is shellac presented here rubber plant those?! Is when I paint. you leave late paint sit, it ’ s latex vs acrylic paint for furniture and am afraid apply! Dressers I want to spend the time to answer so many questions we just polyurethane with the BM paint used., in some circumstances, an oil or alkyd-based paint may also be to... Not worth skipping, all it says on the details 320grit paper ( preferably! Hours but on a solution for what you used on practically any surface including. Food and sometimes leave crayon marks here and there easier and has oil based paint. cracks with wood.. Make a distress look kilz oil based top coat, roll with spray paint and then painting this the... I wasn ’ t wait to start my projects after reading your blog… for... Question because it is a magnificent old door to distress them is used on the other nightstand cures as.. The Right color, so you should be adequate 320grit paper ( or preferably sponge! I told you I have done a lot of fillers like calcium carbonate a terrible black! More rapidly and leaves a little “ soft ” isn ’ t on! Am scared to seal due to the letter: I want to go that... Semi finish areas sanded fine, some areas sanded fine, some areas took the paint has been used entire! Whether or not you made a mistake not using an oil based paint get. Is milk or chalk paint is found on almost every painted wall in the just.: usually, a pine coffee table that will bond properly adhere to the,. Person at home Depot never cures satisfactorily for most furniture applications should have been daring painted!

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